This itinerary takes you to Hooker Falls, Bridal Veil Falls, High Falls and Triple Falls.

DuPont State Forest

Hooker Falls (Follow Hooker Falls Road on foot 0.25 miles)

Hooker Falls is the fourth falls on the Little River, and drops about 11' into Cascade Lake. Hooker Fall was part of the original DuPont State Forest, and has become a popular swimming hole. Care to cool off?

Triple Falls

Triple Falls (About a 15 minute walk from the Hooker Falls Parking Lot: Cross over Staton Road, watch for traffic. The Triple Falls Trail runs along Little River upstream for 0.3 mile. There is a trail down tthe falls further up on the left.)

Triple Falls is the third of the Little River Falls, which consists of three distinct cascades, totaling about 120' in vertical drop. The falls was featured in the movie Last of the Mohicans.

High Falls

High Falls is the second and tallest of the Little River falls, and slides 150' down an inclined plane of granite. – You have twoptions here!

For those who want a good workout:

For those who want to see the falls without the workout:

Bridal Veil Falls
Bridal Veil Falls is the first falls of the Little River, and is probably the most unique. It drops off an overhanging ledge which allows visitors to walk underneath (as shown in Last of the Mohicans), then the water sheets down a long, shallow inclined plane of granite before tumbling into the pool below. Bridal Veil Falls is a much longer hike.

Pisgah National Forest

Looking Glass Falls

Follow Hwy. 276 about 4 miles past the ranger station to Looking Glass Falls. (You can play in the water at the bottom of the falls – be very careful, rocks are extremely slippery when wet!)

Moore Cove Falls

Go about another mile north and look for a concrete bridge with an adjoining wooden footbridge and bulletin board. This is the trailhead to Moore Cove Falls. Park on the paved right shoulder and cross the stream via the footbridge then follow the yellow blazes to Moore Cove Falls, a 50 foot cascade over a ledge. About 1 mile round trip.

Sliding Rock

When you return to your car, continue yet one more mile north to Sliding Rock. (This is where the cut off shorts come in handy! You can actually slide down the rock in the summer and that rock can be rough on a thin bathing suit!)

Cradle of Forestry Center and a Fish Hatchery

If you are interested, the Cradle of Forestry Center and a Fish Hatchery are both in the area as well, feel free to stop and check them out.

At this point you can return back to 1898 Waverly inn by going south on Hwy. 276 and getting back ontHwy. 64 heading East. It will bring you all the way back to downtown Hendersonville. Turn left on Main Street and the Inn will be on your left in two blocks.

OR take the scenic route back…

Mount Pisgah
Stop and enjoy the fabulous views at the Pisgah Inn. (Lunch or dinner?)

NC Arboretum