Wild Geranium

Give yourself a place to renew your spirit in this lovely room of green and red. The St. Croix style Queen Bed with luxurious bed linen and comforter is the focal point of this room.

Tucked into a back corner of the second floor gives this space the peace and quiet that all escapes require. Wild Geranium is very private and only shares a wall with Le Petite Spa. One window overlooks the back of the Inn and the other overlook Boyd Park's Tennis courts.

The six foot long claw-footed soaking tub with a shower is the perfect place to give yourself time to relax and renew your energy. The bubble bath and rubber ducky are waiting for you.

Would you like us to hold this room for you? Call us at 800-537-8195.

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Wild Geranium: Geranium maculatum is also called wild geranium, spotted geranium or wood geranium. They grow wild around Hendersonville. They are one or two feet tall. The flowers are pale pink, deep pink or lilac. They attract butterflies. Rabbits and deer also browse wild geranium.

Wild geranium is used in herbal medicine as an astringent and to stop bleeding. It may be made into tea to treat toothache.

Wild geranium blooms from April until June. You can find them in partly sunny, partly shady areas in the woods or along the roadside.

Please call 800-537-8195 or 828-693-9193 to reserve your room.

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