Spring Beauty

This room has a pencil post Queen Bed made of pine from Kennesaw GA. The black accents on the furniture and in the bathroom make it a perfect backdrop for the the black and white photography on the walls. Come and refresh your spirit in this oasis.

This comfortable room is on the second floor. It has two windows. One overlooks Boyd Park's Tennis courts. The other looks out onto the second floor rocking chair porch.

A walk in shower in the bathroom and ample shelving make life in the inn easy. All stocked with our wonderful amenities including soaps, shampoo, conditioner and of course the now famous rubber ducky!

Would you like us to hold this room for you? Call us at 800-537-8195.

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Spring Beauty Flower: Claytonia caroliniana or Spring Beauty is one of the most common wild flowers in Henderson County.  The small delicate flowers are white or pink and if you look closely, they have a very faint stripe. The leaves look like grass.

They have a light pleasant floral fragrance. The roots are an inch or two wide and are supposed to be good to eat. I am told the taste is like a radish, with the texture of a potato, but sweeter.  

Spring Beauty can grow nearly anywhere, even in pastures. They come back even after being grazed. Look for them in April, although some will show up early if it is an early spring, or stay longer if the weather is cool.

Please call 800-537-8195 or 828-693-9193 to reserve your room.

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