Hepatica Americana

The rich browns of the four poster Queen Bed brings the out the cool blues and greens of the room. With a Traditional American style that includes comfortable wing back chairs for reading you will be disengaged from the real world sooner than you think. This is where the mountains could steal your heart away if you let them.

The bathroom has a five foot long claw-footed soaking tub with a shower. The sink is one of the original turn-of-the-century sinks from the Battery Park Hotel.

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Hepatica Americana: Hepatica Americana is in the buttercup family. The flowers are pink, purple, blue, or white. They attract butterflies and bees. These tough little flowers can grow anywhere, from deeply shaded woods to full sun on the side of the road. They need good rain and can survive snow.

The name "hepatica" is from the greek word for "liver." The leaves are supposed to look like a liver and it was used in herbal medicine to treat liver disorders. The leaves and flowers are still used as an astringent, to treat injuries and as a diuretic. It's poisonous in large doses.

Hepatica Americana is one of the first of the spring wildflowers, blooming from early March until April.

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