American Holly

This large room has a handsome Queen Bed that was hand carved in High Point NC and a Twin Bed. Decorated in jewel tones of green, gold and red this room is a warm and attractive escape from the rest of the world.

Have you ever wanted to bring a friend, a parent, or a child to an inn? This spacious room allows you that luxury. This room is big enough to add a roll-away bed if needed. It is the perfect room for a family vacation.

This cozy room is on the first floor conveniently located right across the hall from the dining room with our Keurig and Darla’s homemade cookies!

The private bath has a traditional tub and shower combination with wonderful amenities including a book rack, soaps, shampoo, conditioner and of course the now famous rubber ducky!

Would you like us to hold this room for you? Call us at 800-537-8195.

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American Holly: Ilex opaca or American Holly is a beautiful evergreen. It can be a shrub or a tree up to 65 feet tall! The bark is light gray, rough with small bumps. The leaves are glossy with spikes. It flowers in late spring, from April to June, but the flowers are greenish white and quite small. The flowers attract bees, ants and moths. The red berries are much more noticeable. Only female holly has berries. They ripen from September through December and stay on the tree until they are eaten. Deer, squirrels and all kinds of birds love holly berries. Flocks of migrating cedar waxwing and goldfinch will land on a holly tree and eat every single berry in just a few seconds.

Look for American Holly everywhere. It is hardy and easy to spot. It is very attractive, so lots of people plant them.

Please call 800-537-8195 or 828-693-9193 to reserve your room.

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